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Irish's Arike Ogunbowale hits shot of a lifetime...

First she punched the padded support behind the basket in frustration.

A few minutes later she threw her hands in the air in exultation.

As her last shot dropped through the net, the most frustrating 39 minutes, 57 seconds of Arike Ogunbowale's young basketball life vanished into the same air that would soon be filled by confetti.

Her 3-pointer in the final second -- and it will go down as the greatest last-second shot in championship game history even if there was still one-tenth of a second left on the clock -- lifted Notre Dame to a 61-58 win against Mississippi State and the biggest comeback in championship game history.

It also bumped the game-winning shot she hit Friday, which beat UConn in overtime in the semifinals, one spot down basketball's greatest-hits list.

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